All other trademarks or registered trademarks are properties of their respective companies. 2012 Computer Applied Systems & Engineering Sdn. Bhd. (146886-X). All rights reserved.   : software - Intrashop TOP 9 REASONS TO BUY INTRASHOPTM E-BUSINESS SOLUTION A. Create enterprise collaboration strength INTRASHOP enables a more effective teamwork experience revolutionizing the document review process, inventory control,  database integration and melding communication tools seamlessly.   1.Send and Review Report The users can access the system easily for reviewing or sending reports from local or remote sites. This is especially  useful because messages from the management are able to reach any department of the company quickly and effectively.   2.Integrated Database The company is able to manage all data at one place. INTRASHOP provides mirror databases that are easy for users to  access. They are also able to send and receive information from multiple outlets to headquarter.  3. Improve Inventory Management     Users can efficiently manage all stock from the outlets and warehouses in a consolidated database. This is to emphasize  on just-in-time inventory and by doing this there will not be any unnecessary “rest stock” at the company premises.   B.  Align Operation into Internet Enabled INTRASHOP together with the tools bundled, enables users to experience a smarter way of communication, and offering them  greater control over the process of electronic procurement. 4. B2B E-Procurement     With the web-enabled technology, users will only need to confirm the contents of the documents before they send and  receive documents especially Purchase Orders. It will be generated by the system when the stock level reaches the re-  order level. At a click of a button, stock can be re-ordered.  5. Create Reports Specific to business needs IT personnel are able to customize reports easily and this flexibility allows the management to access the context sensitive  information they need by clicking on icons that link to the relevant back-end data. INTRASHOP understands that from time  to time, additional reports may be required, and it is for that reason that we created customizable reports to suite your  needs. The management can access the information locally or remotely and even wirelessly.                                             C. Synergise “Brick and Click” Strategy   INTRASHOP offers a flexible technology landscape that can integrate Virtual Private Network B2B System with B2C Systems  seamlessly. 6.Improve Traditional Retail Sales Service A good Point of Sales System together with strong Customer Relationship Management Solution can maximize the value  of each customer to the company. This benefit will then be able to foster closer relationships with the customer, thereby  enhancing better customer satisfaction and this will eventually generate more profit for the company.  7.Buy and Pick-up Anywhere  With a single platform system, users can offer an express and convenient sales service to the customers. Customers can  purchase via the Internet or at any of the retail kiosk and pick-up at any other retail outlet of their choice.    D. Enrich K-economy with hybric power   INTRASHOP offers a set of flexible systems that can be used by Individuals, Small and Medium Companies and Multi National  Companies to simplify the way they work and increase overall organizational productivity.  8.   Build Solution specific to your business needs    INTRASHOP and our business partners consist of a team of IT Professionals that are Web and WAP technology and they  have the ability to develop customizable systems based on users’ knowledge and business needs.   9.    High-Speed with lower cost of Data Transmission With broadband technology, users will only need to pay a very small amount for transmitting a large volume of data, even if  they are outstation or overseas.